Will water cleaning shrink my wool rug?

“No, water cleaning will not shrink your wool rug when done correctly. It’s a common concern that wool rugs might shrink during the cleaning process, especially when water is involved. However, with professional cleaning techniques, this risk is effectively mitigated.

Wool rugs are made of natural fibers that are known for their durability and resilience, but they can be sensitive to extreme conditions. When wool fibers get soaked and are not properly handled, they can indeed shrink or suffer other damages. However, a trained and certified professional rug cleaner understands the specific needs of wool rugs.

Monitor in a rug cleaning shop with a calendar on the screen.

In our cleaning process, we use a controlled amount of water and specific temperature settings to ensure that the rug is thoroughly cleaned without causing any harm to the fibers. Our cleaning methods are designed to respect the integrity of the wool, maintaining its natural oils and structure.

After the cleaning process, we take special care in the drying phase. Wool rugs need to be dried properly to prevent shrinkage. We use a combination of air movement, controlled humidity, and temperature to ensure a safe and effective drying process. This prevents the wool fibers from becoming too tight, which is what leads to shrinkage.

In summary, while it’s theoretically possible for a wool rug to shrink if cleaned improperly, when you entrust your rug to Like New Rug Spa, you can rest assured that we use methods and equipment specifically designed to clean wool rugs safely and effectively. Our expertise ensures that your rug returns to you clean, fresh, and in its original size and shape.”