Fine Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental, viscose, cotton, natural fibers, synthetic and tufted.

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We clean wool, silk, synthetic and custom-made rugs. Each rug is taken off-site and cleaned at our facility.

The way your rug was made, directly determines the best method of cleaning it. Our initial inspection allows us to document the condition and discuss any concerns you may have.

A colorfastness test is performed to be able to tell if any of the dyes used have a tendency to bleed. Rug dusting is the most important part of the cleaning process. This allows the dry contaminants that have collected over time, to be removed from your rug before water is introduced.

Rug Cleaning

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Moth Proofing

Dye Correction

Rug Storage

Pickup & Delivery

Based on the construction and fiber of your rug, the cleaning method is determined


The rug is completely submerged in a fresh water bath, imperative for removing pet urine and heavy soil extraction. Fresh water is allowed to flow across the rug while pumping out the dirty water from the wash pit.


Ideal for rugs that may have dye bleed concerns. Detergent solution is injected under pressure and extracted immediately by a vacuum system.


Used for the cleaning of designer border rugs. Cleaning solvent is applied over the surface of the rug and brushed into the pile with special equipment. Soil is solubilized by the detergents and solvents then absorbed into the media. A thorough dry extraction is then implemented.

 The first 2 methods are then followed by fresh water rinsing until water is clear and rid of any soil. Once the rug has met our cleaning criteria, it is prepared for drying and grooming. All rugs are tagged and properly wrapped for delivery.

Most rugs are available for return delivery
7 – 10 business days.