Oriental Rug Repair

We recently had the pleasure of repairing a very nice Anatolian rug for one of our clients. This beautiful example of a Turkish Village rug unfortunately had a lot of fringe damage.

First things first!

Before any actual repairs are begun on a rug, it is important to identify all damage and determine the proper solution.

Sometimes a repair, even though it may make a rug’s appearance more pleasing, the value of the rug may decline from altering the original state. However, a repair may minimize further deterioration. This little Turkish Village Rug would continue losing wefts (horizontal yarns when the fabric is viewed on a loom) and fringe without repair.

Anatolian Rug with Fringe Damage

Creating new fringe

To even out the end fringe, wefts were pulled out to create a new fringe from existing warp yarn.

Rug Construction (Warps and Wefts)

Pulling wefts to create new fringe.

Securing the new fringe

A cross stitch from the backside of foundation along the new edge was made to secure wefts in place and prevent future unraveling.

The warp yarns were then trimmed to an appropriate length.

Cross stich is used to secure the wefts.

The fringe is secured.

The final step

After the new fringe is secured, the warp yarns are then trimmed to an appropriate length.

The newly repaired rug now has a beautiful new fringe and is ready for service. The new fringe can now stand up to the rug cleaning process and ultimately is returned to the client to enjoy!


The newly created fringe.

The rug is ready for service.

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