I Bought A Viscose Rug, Now What??

Viscose, also called Art Silk / Bamboo Silk, is a soft man-made fiber developed in the 1800’s by treating dissolving pulp with aqueous sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide used to spin viscose rayon fiber. Boring, I know, but we are seeing more and more of this fiber due to the feel and look of silk but a more affordable alternative. Once you decide to purchase a rug made of this, the best cleaning method is to regularly vacuum. Unfortunately, a higher quality vacuum may be too aggressive to use. I would recommend leaning towards a canister style vacuum with the ability to use without a “beater bar”. Proper fabric protection will help with the day to day accidents.

“Proper fabric protection will help with the day-to-day accidents”

Avoid scrubbing or you will most definitely cause fiber distortion. Start with a white towel and blot the area with spill or stain. A mild solution of cold water and white distilled vinegar (50/50) may be used for stubborn stains. Pour around the stain, then into the stained area. This will cause a water dam and prevent the stain from wicking, becoming a far larger problem than it originally started off to be. But the most important task is to dry the area as quick as possible. A blow dryer on low heat and a soft brush may be used to gently stroke pile in the direction of the nap. A viscose rug that is left wet will yellow/brown due to its cellulose content.

With a little patience, care, and protection, you can enjoy your new rug for years to come!