Enjoy Your Home Furnishings Worry-Free with FabricShield

Fabric Protection

FabricShield will protect your fine home furnishings to keep them looking like new longer. Most importantly, FabricShield will not change the look, feel, texture, or the color of the fabrics we treat. In fact, after approximately 1 hour of drying time, you will not even notice your furnishings had been treated, other than the long-term protection it provides. We specialize in treating upholstery, area rugs, carpets, runners, draperies, and wall coverings. Essentially, we can protect almost any soft surface in your home.

FabricShield allows life’s little messes to be easily cleaned before they become stains. For those customers who suffer from allergens, FabricShield treated furnishings will keep dirt and dust from daily living from settling into your furnishings. A quick vacuum or dusting will easily remove surface dust, dirt, and pet dander from your furnishings providing a cleaner atmosphere for your family and guests.

Use the slider above to view the difference our protection can make with a Red Wine spill.

Protect Your Furnishings – Safely!

Our product is an inert colorless liquid application. We take pride in protecting our planet and especially our customers.

Our product meets all government standards for Volatile Organic Compounds. During the application process there may be a slight odor that will dissipate quickly. During the drying process the upholstery and immediate surrounding area may be slippery. We will ensure that we educate each of our customers on slips, trips, and falls before we exit the premises.

SAFETY is always FabricShield’s #1 Priority.

The FabricShield Process

Evaluation and Proposal

A FabricShield sales consultant will make an appointment at your convenience to visit your home and assess your fabric protection needs. You will receive a detailed, on the spot, accurate quote using our electronic pricing tool needed to assist you in making an informed decision. In some cases we may be able to provide a quote based on a phone conversation.

FabricShield Treatment

Once you have approved the quotation, our trained technicians will come to your home at a pre-scheduled time convenient for you. The technician will confirm all items to be treated, spot clean your pieces soft if needed, and then apply FabricShield protection. Please allow ample drying time before use.

The FabricShield Care Kit

Before leaving the premises our technician will provide you with our FabricShield Care Kit.

We will show you or your housekeepers how to properly utilize our spotting kit to assist you in immediately cleaning spills as they happen, which will prevent staining.

In the event you are unable to remove the spot to your satisfaction, have no fear, FabricShield is here to help. We will dispatch a FabricShield technician at NO EXTRA CHARGE to assist in removing the spot or stain.

Fabric Shield Kit